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KING DAVID- Giovanni Francesco Barbieri

English:  2 Samuel
Hebrew:  שׁמוּאל בּ
Transliterated:  Shemuel Bet
Other names:   



Wrote the book:  Unknown (some have suggested Nathan's son Zabud- 1 Kings 4:5).  The book may also include some writings of Nathan and Gad (see 1 Chronicles 29:29).
Are the key people:  David, Abigail, Bathsheba, Abner, Nathan
Is it written to:  The people of Israel



David's successes as conquering king (2 Samuel 1:1-10:19)
David's struggles as a husband and father (2 Samuel 11:1-24:25)



Was it written:  930 BCE
Did the events occur:  c 1050-970 BCE
Was it canonized:  c 499-100 BCE
(see the Timeline of the Tanakh)



Was it written:  unknown location in Israel
Did the events occur:  The land of Israel: Hebron, Jerusalem, Gath, Moab, Edom, Rabbah, Mahanaim, Forest of Ephraim, Abel Beth Maacah



2 Samuel was written to inform us that: 
G-d grows His kingdom.
G-d desires justice.
G-d punishes sin.
There is sin even the greatest among men, King David.



Second Samuel is a historical narrative that begins at the conclusion of First Samuel. Originally, the two were a single tome called "The book of Samuel". Second Samuel records David's reign as king over Israel. During David's reign, Israel's borders grew to extend roughly from Egypt to the Euphrates: almost the full area that G-d had promised to Abraham. Although David has many successes, he sins against G-d by having Uriah killed in battle so he can marry Uriah's wife, Bathsheba. Subsequently both David's kingdom and his own family fall into chaos with his son Absalom leading a violent rebellion against him. Even in the midst of David's sin and failures, he was a man after God's own heart who modeled deep, heartfelt prayer and repentance. Consequently, G-d makes a covenant with David that establishes the eternal rule of David's descendants over Israel.



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