c 1476 BCE- Pharaoh set out in pursuit of the Israelites who had left Egypt.


1655- Governor Peter Stuyvesant, a well known anti-Semite, was thwarted in his attempt to expel Jews from New Amsterdam (early New York City) by the directors of Dutch West India Company. This put an end to official efforts to bar Jews from North America. The Dutch West India Co. also specified that no restriction of trade be imposed upon the Jewish settlers. Thus it guaranteed not only the physical inviolability of the Jews but also their economic development and progress. The only condition contained in the directive provided that "the poor among them shall be supported by their own nation." This gave further impetus to the growth of the Jewish population in the New World.


1796- The Jewish community of Fossano, Italy was miraculously saved from the hands of a murderous mob by a French bomb which landed just in time to scare away the attackers. This day was established as "Purim Fossano" in commemoration of the miraculous salvation.


1919- Polish Legionnaires looted and burned the Jewish section of Vilna during a four-day pogrom, a generation before the Holocaust.  Hundreds of Jews were murdered and hundreds more were arrested and tortured.

Adolf Hitler made his first appearance on the anniversary of the day on which the first anti-Semite in Jewish history set out in pursuit of the Jewish people.


1994- Israel-PLO agreement on Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) is reached. 160 observers (35 Danish, 35 Italian, 90 Norwegian) are deployed to Hebron, have their mandate renewed every year and were later found to be helping terrorists.


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