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Names of the Book

MOSES PARTS THE RED SEA- unknown artist

English:  Exodus
Hebrew:  שׁמוֹת
Transliterated:  Shemot ("Names")
Other names:   



Wrote the book:  Moses
Are the key people:  Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Joshua, Bezalel, Jethrom, Pharaoh, Pharaoh's daughter
Is it written to:  The people of Israel



Israel in Egypt and the story of the plagues (Exodus 1:1-12:30)
Israel in the Wilderness and the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 12:31-18:27)
Israel at Mt. Sinai, the giving of the Torah, and the building of the tabernacle (Exodus 19:1-40:38)



Was it written:  c 1450-1410 BCE
Did the events occur:  c 1476 BCE
Was it canonized:  c 499-100 BCE
(see the Timeline of the Tanakh)



Was it written:  At Mt. Sinai (Exodus 24:4)
Did the events occur:  Egypt, the Red Sea, the wilderness, and Mt. Sinai



Exodus was written to inform us that: 
G-d is the Redeemer.
G-d is the Protector.
G-d is the Savior.
G-d is the Law-giver.



The book of Exodus is a narrative history that describes G-d's fulfillment of His promise to Abraham to make his descendants into a great nation, His deliverance of that nation from slavery in Egypt, and His betrothal of that nation to Himself with the covenant at Mount Sinai. That nation, called Israel, was led by Moses as G-d's chosen agent and leader.  Moses delivered G-d's commandments, ordinances, and rulings that would govern life and worship for Israel. He also led the nation in the construction of the tabernacle, a place where G-d's presence dwelled among His people and where they made sacrifices and offerings to Him.



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