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Names of the Book

THE GLORY OF THE TEMPLE- unknown artist

English:  Haggai
Hebrew:  חגי
Transliterated:  Hagai
Other names:   



Wrote the book:  Haggai
Are the key people:  Haggai, Zerubbabel, Joshua
Is it written to:  The people of southern tribe of Judah who had returned to the land of Israel.



The call to rebuild the Temple (Haggai 1:1-15)
The encouragement to complete the Temple (Haggai 2:1-23)



Was it written:  c 516 BCE
Did the events occur:  c 517-513 BCE
Was it canonized:  c 499-100 BCE
(see the Timeline of the Tanakh)



Was it written:  Jerusalem
Did the events occur:  Jerusalem



Haggai was written to inform us that: 
We should have G-dly priorities.
G-d will encourage us in His priorities.



Haggai provides a prophetic and historical message when Jewish exiles were returning to Jerusalem from Babylon. They began rebuilding the Temple but gave up after repeated discouragement and the distractions of pursuing wealth dissuaded them. Haggai exhorted and inspired them to complete the task and delivered stinging rebukes for their neglect of G-d's house. His call to repentance in their personal lives led to a heartfelt return to the task of restoring the Temple which symbolized G-d's restored presence in their midst.



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