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Names of the Book

SAUL ATTACKING DAVID- Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guercino

English:  1 Chronicles
Hebrew:  דברי הימים א
Transliterated:  Divrei Hayamim Alef
Other names:  The Book of Days
[1 and 2 Chronicles were originally one book]



Wrote the book:  Ezra
Are the key people:  David, Solomon
Is it written to:  The people of Israel



The genealogies of Israel and their tribes (1 Chronicles 1:1-9:44)
The reign of David and his exploits (1 Chronicles 6:1-11:32)



Was it written:  c 430 BCE
Did the events occur:  c 1000-960 BCE
Was it canonized:  c 499-100 BCE
(see the Timeline of the Tanakh)



Was it written:  Israel
Did the events occur:  The land of Israel: Hebron, Jerusalem, Kiriath Jearim, and Baal Perazim; Tyre



1 Chronicles was written to inform us that: 
Israel is G-d's chosen people.
David was a man after G-d's own heart.
Worship of G-d is central to G-d's people.
The priests were to be a safeguard of Israel's faith.



First and Second Chronicles, originally one book, was written sometime after Judah returns from exile in Babylon. This historical narrative focuses primarily on the history of Judah, the southern kingdom of divided Israel. First Chronicles begins with several genealogies, with special emphasis on David and Solomon. The "chronicler" moves on to the history of the kingdom under David, stressing David's heart of worship towards G-d and his detailed plans for the construction of the temple—which would be built by his son Solomon. First Chronicles delivers a message of assurance of G-d's faithfulness toward His people and concludes with Solomon taking the throne of Israel.



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