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Names of the Book


English:  1 Timothy
Greek:  1 Τιμόθεος
Transliterated:  1 Timotheos
Other names:  Paul's first epistle to Timothy



Wrote the book:  Paul
Are the key people:  Paul, Timothy
Is it written to:  Timothy, believers in Ephesus



Instruction on sound doctrine (1 Timothy 1:1-20)
Instruction on orderly communities (1 Timothy 2:1-3:16)
Instruction for leadership (1 Timothy 4:1-6:21)



Was it written:  c 64 CE
Did the events occur:  c 63-64 CE
Was it canonized:  c 70-117 CE
(see the Timeline of the First Century)



Was it written:  Rome or Macedonia (possibly Philippi)
Did the events occur:  Ephesus



1 Timothy was written to inform us that: 
We should hold and teach sound doctrine.
Public worship should be orderly and performed with a proper attitude.
Congregational leaders must meet certain requirements.
We should maintain strong personal discipline.
Communities are responsible for caring their members.



First Timothy is Paul's initial epistle to his protégé, Timothy, who was serving among the believers in the Roman city of Ephesus. Paul instructs Timothy regarding orderly worship, proper doctrine, and false teachings that were being circulated. He provides Timothy with advice and instruction on how to handle various types of individuals in the congregation including false teachers. Paul sets forth qualifications for congregational leaders and teachers that disqualified everyone except men who exemplified the highest standards of behavior and godliness. As a leader himself, Paul calls Timothy to this high standard to provide an example to others in the community.



Torah Portion

תזךיע (Tazria)-מצרע (Metzora)



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