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Names of the Book


English:  Hebrews
Greek:  Εβραιος
Transliterated:  Hebraios
Other names:  The epistle to the Hebrews



Wrote the book:  unknown
Are the key people:  Messiah, Hebrew believers, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah
Is it written to:  Hebrew believers



The Superiority of Messiah (Hebrews 1:1-10:18)
Faith as the key of salvation (Hebrews 10:19-13:25)



Was it written:  probably before 70 CE
Did the events occur:  probably before 70 CE
Was it canonized:  c 70-170 CE
(see the Timeline of the First Century)



Was it written:  unknown
Did the events occur:  unknown



Hebrews was written to inform us that: 
Yeshua is superior to angels.
Yeshua is G-d.
Yeshua is our great high priest.
Yeshua is the ultimate sacrifice.
Believers are called to mature in their faith.
Faith in G-d is the foundation of our lives as believers.
Believers should live their life of faith with endurance.



In the first century, non-believing Jews increasingly persecuted Jewish believers. They often excluded believing Jews from their communities, their synagogues, and from worship in the Temple. This anonymous letter to “the Hebrews” encourages them in the midst of their trials and affirms the authority and supremacy of Messiah Yeshua as G-d manifested in the flesh. The book begins by extolling Messiah as "heir of all things", "much better than the angels", and the One "for whom are all things, and through whom are all things". The author holds up men and women of faith from Scripture as examples for the first century believers and exhorts them to hold fast to their own faith, to "lay aside the sin which so easily entangles", and to run with endurance the race set before them. Paul concludes with a prayer that G-d equips them in every good way to do His will for His glory.



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