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01 October 2014

Newsletter Discontinued

The Psalm11918.org newsletter has been discontinued.


Two reasons: stewardship and support.


09 December 2010


The Psalm11918.org team is pleased to announce our partnership with Gary Mink in delivering his insightful observations and commentary about the Sacred Name Movement. 

 The Psalm11918.org team has designed and implemented Mr. Mink's library of information on a new website at www.sacredname.com

Please take a look and let us know your thoughts about the design and information on that site!


04 November 2010

Messianic Community

Shalom again!

Psalm11918.org has officially launched a community locator service website at MessianicCommunity.net:  "Don't travel the path alone." [NOTE: MessianicCommunity.net was folded into the CommunityConnector.net website a short time after this. - ed]

Once registered on the site, visitors can add information about groups, synagogues, Torah study groups, etc in their area.  They can also edit the information they add to the site.  There is a search tool with a Google map of groups in the area that is searched (address, city, zipcode, state, country, etc).

This is an international locator service with groups from Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel!, and other countries already being added.

If you know of anyone who wants to make their group "find-able" point them to the site and they can add their information.


23 October 2010

Work in Progress- Community

Shalom, shalom!
I wanted to provide an update to everyone about the lack of new articles coming from Psalm11918.org.
First has been busy-ness with our jobs.  For some reason, the Most High has everyone involved with Psalm11918.org busy with our day jobs.  Normally this season sees a decrease in busy-ness... not this year.
Second has been community.  We have had a number of pleasant and not-so-pleasant matters of community to which must attend.  The fall festivals and establishment of a weekly gathering on the west side of San Antonio has kept many of us busy.  All of us have been in prayer and support of our dear brother, David Bitting, during some health concerns.
Third has been a different form of community.  Many of you may be familiar with the Community Connector at http://www.communityconnector.net/ 
12 September 2010

Updated site!

Shalom and greetings everyone!

As is probably highly obvious to our regular visitors the site has undergone a major update! :)

We've updated the look and feel of the site as well as made some enhancements to speed things up a bit when searching or otherwise moving about the site.

One of the changes that was required was that we remove the discussion board.  We have since pointed everyone to the Psalm11918.org Facebook page where converations can carry on unabated there. :)

Take a look around the site and let us know what you think.  The whole team has been hard at work working to make the site fresh, fast, and (uh, hey, guys... quick... what's another positive sounding word that starts with "F"?)

Oh, yeah, fantastic!

Peace and blessings.

17 May 2009

Personal Update

Shalom aleichem! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I just wanted to provide a bit of an update on recent events.

The main focus with Psalm11918.org lately has been on replacing the infrastructure that supports the site.  We found that we were spending quite a bit of time building every web page manually which meant less time available to study Scripture and write the articles that we desire to share.  That has also proven to be time consuming but we believe the investment will pay dividends in the future.

Wow!  The fall moedim were really a blessing this year.  The timing was very challenging with two children in public schools, though.  The moedim coupled with some recent trips out of town and other school and work related activities have left the family desperately in need of a day of rest.  G-d is good and He has provided a wonderful day of rest in His Shabbat and we most DEFINITELY rested today! :)

All this recent activity has left little time for study and writing articles.  I wanted to provide an update on what's going on behind the scenes to let everyone know that work is still ongoing but has slowed a great deal.

07 September 2008

Site updates

Hi, folks!

We have made some serious updates to the guts of the pages on the site.  Tonight Brady spent several hours cleaning up code so things should run smoother across a number of browsers including the brand spanking new Chrome browser from Google.

We definitely want your feedback if you notice any hiccups or problems on the site but the Contact Us page seemed to be having some problems.  If anyone has tried to contact us via that way recently, we've likely not received your message.  We are honestly not ignoring you... the message just did not get through. 

No...really. :)

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement on the content of the articles and the new layout!



Hello? <tap><tap><tap> Is this thing on?

Anyone out there in the blogosphere?!

I have seen a number of views of my blog articles but no feedback.  Is there anyone out there who wants to reply?  Well, perhaps you do not know how.

[Editor's note: this is no longer the process after we upgraded in 2012]

14 August 2008

Words for thought->WFT

FYI to everyone: I am going to (retroactively) abbreviate "words for thought" as WFT in the title of those articles...  just to abbreviate things for brevity in the blog list.

11 July 2008

Quick update

Hi, folks!  It's been a busy week including a major technical outage at the Stephenson household (thanks, Microsoft! grrr...) and many preparations for Nathan's bar mitzvah ceremony.  I've published a couple of new articles:

There are 3 new articles now available on the site:

A list of The Miracles of Yeshua

A list of The Parables of Yeshua

An examination of What Scripture Says About Food

Any feedback or corrections are welcome!

11 June 2008

General Updates

Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to provide an update on what we are working on.  We recently purchased the Accordance Bible software.  Wow!  Very powerful searches and reporting.  We are really looking forward to using the capabilities of this new tool in our studies of Scripture.

Here is what we are actively working on right now:

  • Body, Soul, and Spirit. What are these according to Scripture?  How are they described and how are they different from each other?
  • Covenants. What are they?  What covenants are spoken of in Scripture.  How does Scripture describe them?  What is the New Covenant?
  • Dietary Laws. What does Scripture say about these and why do some Christians think we should not follow them?
  • The Gospel. What is it?  How does Scripture describe it?  Is there only one Gospel?  Where is the Gospel written about in Scripture?


With so many irons in the fire (as well as kids being off for the summer and all the summer vacation and activities planned) it may be a while before any of these are finished. 

We appreciate your patience! :)

I've been busy lately working on a new article about "speaking in tongues".  It came up as a discussion point lately and I wanted to find out what all Scripture had to say about it.  I've been working on it for the past few days (sorry, no posts to the blog during that period) but the article is now complete so give it a look and post some feedback! :)

After about 6 weeks I have finished a study regarding when Yeshua was crucified.  The "Good Friday" idea doesn't match what we find in the pages of Scripture.  I was surprised to find out what day Scripture tells us He was crucified.  Here is the article.

21 March 2008


Yes... thud. That was me. Sorry. It's 12:34 and I am BUSHED! I've been updating the site trying to get the Ultimate Tag Warrior installed for the blog only to find out it is not compatible with this version of WordPress.


I just yawned and I think I inhaled a cat. Yes... I know... not kosher. Fortunately I think I just coughed up a hairball. Sorry... that was rather too graphic. I will endeavor not to blog while I am so tired.

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