Is This What You Mean?

29 April 2008

I disagree with many things taught in the Catholic church but opposition to abortion is not one of them.  I received an email that pointed to these powerful videos.  I was sick to my stomach when I viewed this... not only by the procedure itself but by the number of people that have died in the manner described.

Here is a brief blurb from the page:

If you’re going to take a position on abortion, then you’re going to  have to come clean about what it is. We are no longer going to let you obscure  or trivialize the issue. Whether people agree with you or not, you owe it to  them to be honest about what you’re talking about. Therefore we issue this  simple call to honesty: We will describe abortion to you, and you tell us if  that’s what you’re talking about.

Normally I would say "enjoy" as I referred you to another site but with this one I cannot offer that.  Instead may I say "be exhorted to take action".

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