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04 April 2008

Front time to time I receive messages from a dear brother in Messiah, Kevin Smithson.  He travels extensively with his bride, Heather, and shares amazing stories of faith.  Here is his latest:

I have desired to get information out to you all about some awesome things GOD is doing and our many travels since getting back to TX.  However, I have not made the time to get it done.  When I saw this I definitely wanted to get this great story to you.   So, even though it is nearly a month since he sent it, here it is.
This is a great follow up from a young man, Isaac, that we met the last week we were in Tororo, Uganda.  The seeds we sowed in his life definitely took.  He wanted to follow us and be with us as much as we would let him, praying, studying, teaching, etc.  During that last week he went with us when I taught in a village called Kidera and to the Kenya Refugee Camp.
Endure his English and typing.  English is their second language and, even though they go to school and learn it, very few have any typing skills.  He is actually one of the best with electronics and the English language we came across.   The e-mail is very interesting to me, it would appear that an American teenage texter wrote it.  I am not sure where he got this writing style, they do not text over there.
It is an amazing work of GOD in them to be as encouraging to us as they are, given their circumstances.  Most of the people you find in their situation anywhere on the planet are looking for encouragement or things from others.
Family Background:  They were Muslim and his mom, Teddy, through some events came to know and serve GOD.  She stared praying for her husband and approximately around a year he came to Love and Fear GOD.  He divorced his other two wives.  Those women and his family (brothers, cousins, etc.) in the village did not like what was going on and had a curse put on him from the witch doctor.  He died.  We heard many stories of things similar to that happening.  The village kicked/drove Teddy and her 7 children out, the seventh being 1 week old.  Isaac, the oldest, did praise his mother saying that most all mothers that find themselves in that situation disown their children and leave them on their own.
Being on the street with 7 children, she fought and kept her family together and kept her faith and trust in GOD.  The large majority of people live in the villages and have land to eat from.  Jobs are rare in town.
At one point she landed a job making around $25/month.  The place that you see in the picture is half of the whole place, so double the width you see and square it off and that is the size of their whole place.  Rent for that was about $18/month and that is on the poor side of town.
In Uganda you have to have a uniform and pay school fees to go to school.  GOD definitely has provided for them to make ends meet.  I did not ask at what age, but Isaac was dancing and singing in their church and was seen by a Christian Boarding school that paid for him to go to their school.  He finished within the last year as the top student.  He has been waiting for the results, which generally take 8 mo., to see if he qualifies to go to a university.  He is also seeing if and how GOD will provide for him to go.  Currently his two younger brothers are going to diff. boarding schools on football (soccer) scholarships.
A major challenge recently took place in November when Teddy lost her job b/c the store/shop went out of business.  They were three months behind on rent.  We had been around Isaac every day the last week we were there and had been to his house twice and did not learn of this till the day before we left.  Isaac greatly desired us to go to his church.  I left Heather doing activities with the boys from the mission house we were at and i went to Isaac's church around noon.  They have a service at 8am and 10am, he said that the teaching normally starts around noon for the second service.
That morning they had done their normal thing of going to church to set up from 6:30am till 7 and pray from 7 - 7:30.  They then headed back home to freshen up and change before the 8am service.  This family helps with everything and are there every time anything is going on.  In fact, pretty much each morning without fail they are at the church for prayers from 6 to 6:30am.  Anyway, when they got home that morning they found that their place was locked.  They prayed and headed back to the church.  By the way, very very few families over there have vehicles and some have bicycles.  This family does not have either.  The teaching did not start till around 12:40 b/c they were still singing.   The service was over around 2pm.  I talked with Teddy and asked how she was and how things were.  She said good and that they have some challenges that have came up but that GOD is taking care of them.  Most mothers who say something like that would be referring to some problems getting the children up and together for church, NOT a mother who has 5 children (2 are at boarding school) that have not eaten in a day and things do not look as though they will today and locked out of their home. However, she has been in this position before.  They did get food that day and by 10:30 that night they were in their humble home.
I will not soon forget, if ever, this story of Faith and Trust in GOD.
- Kevin
I say to you that He will avenge them speedily. Yet when the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith on the earth?
Luke 18:8 MKJV

But without faith it is impossible to please Him; for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 MKJV

Here is Mukwaya's original unedited email:

praise God Uncle Kevin and Antie Heather. I am very sorry 4 having taken long without writting back .My mum and I had gone 2 the village 2 see my grandmother who was too to ill .
Thank U very much scriptures and the picture U sent 4 me,all these have kept encouraging and strenthening me.all I can tell  U 2 keep trusting in God because He can turn a mess 2 a message,a test 2 a testimomony,a trial 2 triumph,a victim 2 a victor and U will live  2 see your dreams come true,Humble b 4 the Lord and
HE Will  lift U from zero 2 a hero 4 Heknows the best 4 U.
May God give U a rainbow 4 every storm.a smile 4 every tear, a blessing 4 every prayer.My results came out and I got 12 points worthy 2 take me 2 university so stand with me in such that God my provide fees 4 my university.
I THank U once more 4 the hand U gave 2 my family when we were locked out.the money that remained after paying 4 the rent,I used it 2 start up asmall business 2 earn my family food 4 the day, Iwent 2 village and bought a sack of groundnuts 4 sale of which I got 40,000 ugshillings out of the 20,000 ug shillings that remained.pray with me that God provides more capital 4 a bigger business.
Another achievement is that the seed U planted in me is maturing in a way that I have reached out 2 many people who did not Believe in GOD but have finally given their lives 2 GOD Inclauding some street children who now go with me 2 church, send 4 me more encouraging scriptures 4 me and the people i reach out 2 share the word of God.MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS.I miss and love U all.SPecial greetings 2 your families and friends.
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