c 1310 BCE- A special offering was brought including a series of gifts by the Tribe of Benjamin for the inauguration of the Tabernacle.

356 BCE- Following his 180-day feast for all his international subjects, which ended a day earlier, King Achashverosh began a seven-day feast for his subjects living in Shushan, the capital. This feast ended with the banishment of his queen, Vashti.

1190- The Crusaders murdered 57 Jews in Bury St. Edmund, England.  A day or two earlier these same crusaders massacred more than 500 Jews in York.  A tremendous amount of money was plundered which helped to finance their trip to the "Holy Land".

1391- Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Seville, Spain. The riots took place on Ash Wednesday and initiated a wave of violence which spread rapidly over the Iberian Peninsula, claiming 50,000 Jewish victims before the end of the year. A substantial number of Jews escaped with their lives only because they converted. This event marked the emergence of Marranos, said to number 200,000, in the kingdoms of Aragon and Castille. They were to provide tens of thousands of martyrs in the Old, and New Worlds for centuries to come.  (Some date this in 1491).

1421-  The Vienna Persecutions began under the reign of Albert V, Archduke of Austria, Emperor of Germany and King of Bohemia. The Jews were falsely accused of "desecrating the host." 120 men and 92 Jewish women were burned at the stake in Vienna. Austria. The Jewish community of 1,400 hundred was erased.

1941- Germany invaded Yugoslavia and Greece.  Yugoslavia and Greece were partitioned among the Axis allies. Germany annexed most of Slovenia and occupied northwestern Yugoslavia, Serbia, and the region around Salonika in northern Greece (home of most Greek Jews at the time).  Germany also established the pro-German, fascist state of Croatia in northern Yugoslavia.  Germany and Italy jointly occupied Athens, the Greek capital.  The Prime Minister of Greece, General Ioannis Metaxas, attempted to maintain neutrality until the war began.


1941- The Nazis established two ghettos in Radom, Poland.


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