598 BCE - Jehoiachin, King of Judah , was exiled by Nebuchadnezar (2 Kings 24, Daniel 1, 2 Chronicles 36). Among those exiled with him were thousands of Jews from Jerusalem.  His exile occurred 7 years after his father Jehoiakim was taken into exile.

592 BCE- The vision of the Divine "Chariot" representing the spiritual infrastructure of creation, received by Ezekiel by the Kvar River (six years after the exile of Jehoiachin) mentioned in the beginning of the book of Ezekiel.  He was the only one of the Prophets to prophesy outside of the Holy Land. This chapter is read as the haftarah on Shavuot.


1648- During the pogroms of Tach v'tat led by Khmelnytsky, the city of Vilna was burnt down; many Jews from Vilna and its environs were killed.


1768-  During the Haidamack uprising against the Russain government, approximately 50,000 Ukranian Jews were killed in the city of Uman and the surrounding areas.


June 20, 1942- The S.S. murdered 600 Jews of Snow, Novogrodek, in the (old) Soviet Union.


July 4, 1946- Two hundred Jews returned to rebuild their community of Kielce, Poland. They were attacked by a nationalist group who incited a pogrom against the returning Jews. Defenseless, because their weapons were confiscated the day before, 42 Jews were killed (including two children) and 50 were wounded.


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