1466- Earliest authorization for the establishment of a university, including medical and law studies, under Jewish auspices granted, Sicily, 1466. (It never happened because the Jews of Sicily were expelled some years later.)


1613- A taanit tzibur was declared in Vermeiza (Worms), marking the return of the Jews, who had previously been expelled.


January 18, 1654- Recife, Brazil was conquered by Portugal, ending the legal existence of the flourishing Jewish community there.


January 13, 1793- Purim Burgel was established in Tripoli, commemorating the downfall of the Burgel Pasha.


January 29, 1808- Ezekial Hart was the first Jew elected to the Canadian parliament. He was denied his seat when he swore the oath of inauguration on a Jewish Bible and the oath of office required one to swear "upon ... Christian faith." At the time, British laws prohibited Jews and Roman Catholics from such positions, and Hart was expelled from the assembly.  Hart returned to private life and enjoyed success as a businessman until his death in 1843.


January 29, 2006- Passing of Harav Yitzchak Kaduri. Harav Yitzchak Kaduri, known in recent years as "the eldest of the Kabbalists," in the Holy Land, was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1898. As a youth, he studied under the great "Ben Ish Chai" (Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad, 1840-1913) and was regarded as an illu (prodigy) by the sages of the  venerable Baghdad Jewish community. In 1922, Rabbi Yitzchak emigrated to the Holy Land and joined the ranks of the Jerusalem Kabbalists, even as he earned his living for many years as a bookbinder. Over the years his
fame grew, and thousands flocked to him to receive his counsel and blessing.

Rabbi Kaduri passed away at the age of 108. Hundreds of thousands attended his funeral in Jerusalem.


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