c 1476 BCE- Moses descended Mt Sinai after his second 40-day period of fasting. According to other opinions, this occured on the next day, 29 Av.


c 572 BCE- The days of Ezekiel the prophet lying in bed ended. His subsequent prophecy was on 5 Elul.


August 22, 1454- Jews were expelled from Moravia, by an order issued by King Ladislaus.


1762- The Vaad Arba Aratzos, "The Council of Four Countries", the autonomous governing body of Polish Jewry, met for the last time in Piltz.


Torah Portion

מטות (Matot)-מסעי (Masei)



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Today is

Yom Sheni, 21 Tammuz, 5780

Monday, July 13, 2020


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