July 23, 1253- Pope Innocent IV allowed the expulsion of the Jews from France.


1254- Jews expelled from France by the pope are invited to return by King Louis IX.


1807- Many Jews of Copenhagen were killed when the British bombarded the city during the Anglo-Russian War that raged between 1807 and 1812.


August 18, 1941- 5,000 Jews from the Dunaburg ghetto were shot and killed in Zolotaja Gorka.


August 14, 1944- 15 year old Anne Frank was arrested with her family in the loft where they were hiding in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They were deported to Auschwitz. In December, Anne was moved to Bergen-Belsen where she was killed in March 1945. (See 13 Cheshvan - October 30, 1944).


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ויקרא (Vayikra)



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