797 BCE- Jeroboam, King of Israel, sets up roadblocks to prevent the people's pilgrimage to Jerusalem. As a substitute, he introduced the worship of two idols, in the form of golden calves, which he enshrined on the northern and southern boundaries of his realm. These barricades remained in place for 223 years, until Hosea, the last king of the Northern Kingdom, had them removed on the 15th of Av of 574 BCE.


521 BCE- Haman's decree is anulled. Mordechai and Esther drafted a royal decree giving the Jews the right to defend themselves and kill all who would rise up to kill them, and sent out this second batch of letters to all 127 provinces of Achashveirosh's empire, This annulied Haman's decree and plot to kill the Jews. (Esther 8:9).


1798- Fast day of the Jewish community of Pesaro, Italy, to mark the murder of numerous Jews following the retreat of Napoleon's army.


Torah Portion

ןיקהל (Vayak'hel)-פקוּדי (Pekudei)



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Yom Rishon, 23 Adar, 5781

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