c 1476 BCE- The supply of matzot (unleavened bread) that the Jews had brought with them from Egypt (enough for 60 meals) was exhausted on the 15th of Iyar, the 30th day after the Exodus. When they complained to Moses that they had nothing to eat, G-d notified them that he would rain down "lechem min haShamayim" [bread from heaven] to sustain them, alluding to the manna, which began falling one day later. (Exodus 16)


April 28, 1687- The "Black Code," stipulating the expulsion of the Jews from all the French Caribbean islands, came into force, forcing the Jews to leave for the Dutch islands and give up their flourishing cocoa plantations to French hands. The Black Code stipulated in its first article: "...We enjoin all of our officers to chase from our islands all the Jews who have established residence there. As with all declared enemies of Christianity, we command them to be gone within three months of the day of issuance of the present [order], at the risk of confiscation of their persons and their goods."


April 28, 1945- Mussolini was executed by Italian partisans.


April 28, 1945- The end of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.


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