November 12, 1924- The Slobodka Yeshiva opened in the eternal Jewish city of Chevron. Hebron is home of the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs and therefore a natural place for a Yeshiva.


November 9-10, 1938- Kristallnacht - ("night of broken glass," referring to the thousands of windows that were broken), the planned destruction of synagogues and Jewish property all over Germany. Fifty thousand Jews were arrested and taken to concentration camps,
ninety-one Jews were killed, five hundred synagogues were destroyed, 7,500 Jewish shops were vandalized and the Jewish community of Germany was forced to pay one billion reichmarks ($4,000,000) for the damage. Ostensibly, this was revenge for the assassination of the secretary of the German delegation in Paris by Herschel Grynszpan.

Similar violence was carried out in Austria. Kristallnacht ushered in a new phase of anti-Semitic decrees, and was for many the first major warning sign of what would become the Holocaust.


October 28, 1939- Census in Warsaw listed 359,827 Jews.


October 28, 1939- All Jews living in Wloclawek, Poland were forced to wear a yellow badge.


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