1557 BCE- Amram and Jochebed had separated because of Pharaoh's decree that all male Jewish babies be killed.  Prompted by their six-year-old daughter Miriam's rebuke ("Pharaoh decreed againsat the males; you decreed against the males and the females"), Amram remarried Jochebed and later bore Moses.  He was hidden for 3 months and was floated on the Nile and found by the daughter of Phararoh on 7 Sivan, the future date of the giving of the Torah.


1311 BCE- The ten spies who spoke evil about the Land of Israel died in the wilderness. They suffered a plague, sickened and died on 7 Elul. (Numbers 13-14)


42 CE- King Agrippa I dedicated the new gate of the wall around Jerusalem.  The day is  mentioned as a Yom Tov in Megillat Taanit.


August 22, 1614- The Jews of Frankfurt, Germany were attacked by an anti-Semitic crowd led by Vincent Fettmilch. For three days the pillaging and beatings continued. Many Jews were killed while their synagogues were desecrated. Later all of the Jewish residents who survived were expelled from Frankfurt.


1848- The Jews of Hanover, Germany were granted civil equality.


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