c 1310 BCE- A special offering was brought including a series of gifts by the tribe of Shimon for the inauguration of the Tabernacle.

c 1272 BCE- Two days before the conclusion of the thirty-day mourning period following the passing of Moses Joshua sent two scouts, Caleb and Pinchas, across the Jordan River to Jericho and the surrounding territory to gather intelligence in preparation for Israel's battle with the first city in their conquest of the Holy Land.

In Jericho, they were assisted and hidden by Rahab, a woman who lived inside the city walls.  The mission was risky in the sense that 40 years earlier, Moses had sent scouts to the Land, only to have them recommend against entering the land. This time around the mission was successful and in the ensuing siege, Joshua's troops encircled Jericho seven times while sounding blasts on the shofar (trumpet) until its walls came down. The events are recorded in Joshua chapters 2 and 6.

1801- The community of Karentan, France, was miraculously saved from a blood libel.

1917- Jews of Tel Aviv and Yaffo were expelled by the Turks.

1919- The Polish army executed 35 young Jews who had helped distribute packages sent by the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee to the Jewish community of Pinsk.

1933- The official Nazi boycott of German Jews started.


1942- 2,500 Jews of Lublin were killed, and the rest were deported.

1953- Dr. Jonas Salk (a Jew) announced his polio vaccine.


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