c 140 BCE- The Chashmona'im removed all the idols from the Beit HaMikdash. The day is cited as a Yom Tov in Megillat Taanit.


1581- Spanish Inquisition brings the auto-da-fe (burning at the stake of those condemned by the Inquisition) to the New World for the first time: Jews in Lima, Peru were burned at the stake.


November 23, 1702- 36 Jews killed in Lemberg explosion.


1702- Rav Yehoshua Pollack, the Pnei Yehoshua, of Frankfurt, while trapped under fallen rubble during the great fire in Lvov in which 36 Jews were killed, vowed that he would write a sefer and disseminate Torah if he lived. He was miraculously saved and wrote his famous sefer, "Pnei Yehoshua."


November 15, 1939- Two Jewish cemeteries were destroyed in Rypin, Poland. The Nazis resettled the Jews and moved them to Warsaw. Some Jews managed to escape to the Soviet Union where they were deported to Siberia.


November 15, 1939- Nazis carried out the first mass-murder of Warsaw Jews.


November 23, 1941- The Nazis murdered 1,538 Jews in Poltava, Russia.


November 23, 1941- 995 Jews were deported from their homes in Vienna, Austria to Riga, Latvia.


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