70 CE- The Romans completed the construction of banks around Yerushalayim in preparation for the final assault on the third wall surrounding the city.

1474- Anusim [Jews who were forced to convert] of Segovia, Spain were killed.

May 8, 1815- Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in battle at Waterloo.

June 7, 1948- The Communists complete their takeover of Czechoslovakia with the resignation of President Eduard Benes.

June 8, 1967- Day Four of the Six Day War. Egypt and Syria accept the cease¬≠fire ordered by the United Nations. One day after Israeli forces liberated Eastern Yerushalayim, another of the holy cities, Chevron/Hebron, was also liberated. Following the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, Jordan took over the control of Chevron along with the rest of the West Bank.  During this time, Israelis were not allowed to enter the West Bank.  The Jewish Quarter was destroyed, Jewish cemeteries were desecrated, 58 synagogues were destroyed and an animal pen was built on the ruins of the Patriarch Abraham Synagogue.

July 1, 1981- Bombing of Iraqi nuclear reactor by Israeli Air Force.


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