1096- Jews of Speyer were massacred during the Crusades.


1421- Jews of Vienna were slaughtered in their shul and the remainder were forcibly converted.


1544- - Emperor Charles V confirmed the privileges of Austrian Jews.


1799- Napoleon captured the city of Jaffa, Palestine.


1807- A few months after its creation, Napoleon's "Sanhedrin" (rabbinical supreme court) was dissolved. The Sanhedrin was created to approve certain religious regulations requested by the French "Assembly of Notables." The regulations were designed to blur the distinction between Jews and non-Jews. The rulings of this pseudo-Sanhedrin were never adopted by Jewish communities.


March 21, 1890- Jews of Austria were required by law to belong to the government-established religious community in their town.


March 13, 1918- The American branch of Magen David Adom was established. It is still not respected by its American counterpart; the Red Cross, ostensibly because the Israelis won't use the cross as its icon.


March 21, 1947- The first Jewish immigrant to Israel to disembark at the Port of Eilat.


March 24, 1944- One day after the Italian Resistance killed 33 German SS military police, 335 Italians (including 75 Jews) were put to death by Nazis under the command of Captain Erich Priebke and Karl Hass at Fosse Ardeatine. In 1938, Bishop Alois Hudal of the Vatican supplied Priebke with a falsified visa to travel to Argentina (then led by Juan Perón). Though alleged to have been responsible for war crimes, Priebke lived in Argentina as a free man for 50 years.


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