c 163 BCE- King Antiochus V abandoned his siege of Yerushalayim, and his plans for the city's destruction. During the siege the Jews had suffered greatly, unable to move around freely except at night. Antiochus left for home in response to bad reports he had received from there; he was killed soon afterwards. This day was observed in subsequent years as a holiday in Hashmonean times, as cited in Megilat Taanit.


1190- The Jews of Norwich, England, are massacred. The Jews in the nearby town of Lynn in Norfolk, had just suffered similar treatment from their neighbors. Some Jews escaped to the Bishop's castle. Those Jews, who remained in their homes were murdered and their property was looted.

1481- The first auto-da-fe ("act of faith" i.e. burning Jews at the stake) by the Spanish Inquisition, in Seville.

February 12, 1486- Auto-da-fe at Toledo, Spain. Toledo was one of the largest Jewish communities in Spain, and this auto-da-fe was the first in that city and unusually lenient. The Jews were forced to recant on their Judaism, fined 1/5 of their property and  permanently forbidden to wear decent clothes or hold office.


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