December 25, 1369- By an order issued by King Frederick III of SiciIy, Jews of Sicily were forced to wear a special badge indicating they were Jewish. The badge consisted of a piece of red material, not smaller than the largest royal sea. Men were required to wear it under the chin, and women on the chest.

January 2, 1772- Harav Pinchus Horowitz, the Ba'al Hafla'ah, was appointed Rav of Frankfurt.

January 5, 1826- Maryland adopted a law which allowed Jews to hold public office, on condition that they accept the concept of reward and punishment in theafterlife. Maryland was founded as an asylum for Catholics in 1634, and in the early days the denial of Christianity was a capital crime in Maryland. Anyone speaking negatively about Catholicism was subject to a fine or public whipping. The practice of Judaism was finally legalized in Maryland in 1776, but other restrictions remained in place. It was not until 50 years later that Jews became qualified for public office.


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