1187- Saladin's Muslim army defeated the Crusader army, led by Guy De Ludignan, the "King of Jerusalem," at Horns of Hittin, a site near the Kinneret in the Galil. This defeat was the beginning of the end of the Crusader kingdom.


1759- The Baal Shem Tov and Harav Chaim Hakohain Rappaport of Lemberg, at the demand of the Bishop of Lemberg, debate the heretical Frankists. By winning the debate, they prevented the Talmud from being burned.  A Yom Tov is celebrated in some Chassidic courts to commemorate this event, particularly in the Ruzhiner dynasty.


July 21, 1941- The Jews of Upina, Lithuania, were executed by the Nazis.


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Yom Sheni, 24 Adar I, 5784

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