313 BCE- In the presence of Alexander Mokdon, Geviha ben Pesisa, the Jewish delegate won the debate against the Yishmaelites, Egyptians and Canaanites concerning Eretz Yisroel, found in Megillat Tannit 3.


June 16, 1221- The jews of Erfurt, Germany were massacred.  The Jews were falsely accused of a ritual murder.  A crowd stormed the synagogue where the Jews had gathered.  As usual the threat was baptism or death.  The Jewish quarter including the synagogue was razed, many Jews were tortured and killed.  Among the martyrs were Shem Tov ha-Levi and Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Kalonymos.


Torah Portion

תצוּה (Tetzaveh)



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Yom Sheni, 4 Adar, 5778

Monday, February 19, 2018


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