March 14, 1181- the French King Philip Augustus ordered all Jews attending shut in Paris arrested and detained for ransom.


1349- Jews of Strasbourg, France, were burned in the Jewish cemetery during the Black Plague.


March 9, 1496- All of the Jews of Carinthia, Austria were expelled. (readmitted 1848).


1634- English colonists led by Lord Baltimore arrived in what is today the state of Maryland. Three hundred years later, the city named for him would serve one of the larger Jewish communities in the USA.


March 1, 1886- The Jewish settlement of Petach Tikva was attacked by its Arab neighbors. See 24 Adar


1891- Petition circulated among prominent Americans (not Jews) requesting U.S. government aid to reestablish a sovereign Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael.  U.S. President Harrison was petitioned to aid in the reestablishment of Palestine as a sovereign Jewish state.  The petition was signed, by Cyrus McCormick, J. P. Morgan, William McKinley, John D. Rockefeller, Russel Sage, and Cardinal Gibbons, among others.

It was a spontaneous expression of American sympathy for Zionism, totally independent of Jewish Zionist activities. The petition was motivated by Biblical influences and by intense indignation aroused by Russian pograms.


March 4, 1902- The World Mizrachi Organization was founded (Vilna, Russia).


March 25, 1911- The discovery of the mutilated body of Andrei Yishinsky, near Kiev , Russia , led to the infamous trial of Mendel Beilis on ritual-murder charges.


March 23, 1933- The German Reichstag gave Adolph Hitler dictatorial powers.


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