Today is a Yom Tov cited in Megillat Taanit, commemorating the defeat of the Greeks by the Jews. The Jews had given the Greeks a three-day grace period in which they would be allowed to retreat but they did not. This ultimately led to their defeat.


1794- Jewish regiment with the Polish Revolutionary Army is first Jewish fighting force of modern times.


September 14, 1903- The Jews of Homel, Russia were massacred.


September 6, 1939- The Nazis occupied Gorlice, Poland and commenced their terror by taking hostages.


September 6, 1939- German forces occupied the Polish cities of Cracow, Radom, Lodz,
Tarnow, and Premisyl.


September 14, 1941- 9,000 Jews of Slonim, Russia were murdered by the Nazis.


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Today is

Yom Sheni, 17 Tishrei, 5784 - Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Monday, October 02, 2023


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