1296- Jewish physicians were barred from treating Christians in Sicily.


October 27, 1755- A great earthquake struck Lisbon, Portugal, destroying much of the city including the courthouse of the Inquisition.


November 21, 1818- An English Missionary to the Russian Czar proposes establishing an independent Jewish homeland in Israel.


November 7, 1917- England took Gaza (where Yitzchok Avinu lived for 22 years) from the Turks.


November 8, 1944- The deportation of Budapest Jews by the Nazis, was resumed on this date. During this time, 20,000 Budapest Jews were shot by the banks of the Danube by Hungarian forces.  Another 70,000 Jews were forced on a death march to Austria, of which the majority were either shot or died of starvation and exposure.  Raoul Wallenberg was involved in saving some of Hungary's Jews.  Out of 750,000 Jews that lived in Hungary before the war, only 30 percent survived.


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