1349- The Jews of Uberlingen, Switzerland, were massacred Al kiddush Hashem.

March 6, 1430- A miracle happened in the kehillah of Rome. The church and the government of Rome set Wednesday, March 6, 1430, as the day when all the Jews of Rome must convert or face death. On that day a great earthquake rocked Rome and many of the archbishops and priests who conceived the decree were killed. Following the earthquake, Pope Martin V immediately annulled the decree.

1492- King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed a decree expelling the Jews of Spain.

1881- Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Lubny, Russia.

March 20, 1933- The infamous Dachau concentration camp was established in Germany, originally designated as a prison camp for political prisoners. After Kristallnacht, the number of Jews imprisoned there kept growing until over 200,000 Jewish victims passed through its gates, most of whom perished, Hy"d. The Nazis built a gas chamber in Dachau, but it was never used. The camp was liberated in April 1945 by the U.S. army.

1948- Sixteen Jewish soldiers who left Atarot to attack Arab travelers in reaction to the slaughter of Jewish travelers, were caught and lynched by an Arab mob in Ramallah; The six captured alive were brutally tortured to death.

March 21, 1979- The Egyptian parliament unanimously approved a peace treaty with Israel.

March 1997- Seven female Jewish students were shot to death by a Jordanian soldier while on a field trip in Bakura, Jordan (on the border).


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