c 1477 BCE- Miriam was afflicted with the skin malady, tzaraat, after speaking against her brother, Moses.  In his great humility, Moses prayed for Miriam to be healed. The LORD instructed that she be quarantined outside the camp for seven days.  In testimony to their great love for her, the people of Israel waited during this period before journeying onward, and only afterward did they continue on their travels. (Numbers 12:10).


1453- The Muslim conqueror of Constantinople granted equal rights to Jews and other non-Muslims. This created a haven for many Jews who were forced out of Spain 39 years later, during the Spanish Inquisition. (The LORD provides healing before the wound.)


June 10, 1765-  Harvard University created a professorship of Hebrew and Oriental languages. The early rectors of American universities were religious Protestants who viewed the Bible as a guide to personal and political life.


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