363-Roman Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus (whom the Christians call "Julian the Apostate") gave permission to the Jews to start rebuilding the Beit Hamikdash. His death in June 26, 363 in a war with the Persians put an end to the plan.


Feb. 4, 1657- Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England in the 17th century, issued the first residence permit to a Jew (one Luis Carvajal), since the expulsion of all Jews from England by King Edward I in the year 1290. The edict of expulsion had been officially overturned in the previous year, 1656. The re-admittance of Jews into England was partially due to the efforts of the great scholar Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel.


Jan. 22, 1775- The Jewish homes on the outskirts of Warsaw, in a settlement known as "New Jerusalem" were demolished, after which the Jews of Warsaw were expelled.


Jan. 22, 1775- Pope Pius VI (1717-99,pope (1775-99)) reinforced all existing anti-Jewish legislation as part of his campaign against liberalism in his "Editto Sopra Gli Ebrei." The 44 clauses included prohibitions against possessing talmudic writings and erection of grave stones. They also forbade Jews from passing the night outside the ghetto under pain of death. The regulations were in effect until the arrival of Napoleon's army 25 years later.


Feb. 1, 1948- A car bomb exploded in front of the Palestine Post (known today as the Jerusalem Post) building on Havatzelet Street in Jerusalem. A stolen British police pickup loaded with half a ton of TNT pulled up in front of the Post building. Five minutes later, a second car pulled up: Its driver lit the fuse and drove away. Three people were killed and dozens injured. The bomb destroyed the printing press; its aim was to stop the growing international influence of Yerushalayim's only English language newspaper.

Further, since most Israeli newspapers were published in Tel Aviv, the Post was the only source of news in Yerushalayim during the Arab siege. The bombing was perpetrated by the Arab militia, assisted by former British soldiers. As an act of ultimate defiance, the Post published an edition the next morning, albeit reduced in size to two pages. Arab violence intensified leading up to Israel's independence: A few weeks later, three trucks carrying explosives blew up on Yerushalayim's Ben Yehuda Street, destroying buildings and killing 56 Jews; two weeks later another car bomb blew up at the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem, killing 13 people.


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