September 17, 1394-  King Charles VI expelled the Jews from France.

September 11, 1683- A major defeat of the Islamic military forces at the battle of Vienna occurred on this date, halting the advance of Islam into Christian Europe.  The commemoration of this date was likely chosen by Muslim terrorists for the 9/11/2001 attack in the United States.


September 4, 1939-  Hundreds of Jews in Czestochova, Poland, were slaughtered during a pogrom organized by the Nazis. 30,000 Jews had lived in this community since the 18th century. This day was named Bloody Monday.


September 2, 1942- The 27th convoy of one thousand Jews left France for the Auschwitz murder camp in Poland. Of the prisoners, 8,077 were gassed immediately upon arrival and only 30 were to survive until liberation by the Soviets in 1945.


September 2, 1942- The Ghetto of Mir was liquidated.


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