1096-  Soldiers of the First Crusade, under the command of Count Leinigen, attacked the Jews of Werlinghofen, Germany. Jews had sought refuge there, after the massacres in Cologne. Many of the Jews committed suicide before the Crusaders arrived to avoid the torture for which they were infamous.

Crusaders arrived in the city of Weltzk, assembled all the Jews, and led them to their deaths.


July 22, 1927- The Holy land was shocked by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake.


June 27, 1941- Germay occupied Pruzana, Brest Litvosk, Poland, which at the time had a Jewish population of four thousand. The Nazis demanded 500,000 rubles, 2 kilograms of gold and 10 kilograms of silver from the Jews. Then to back up their demand they took hostages and got what they wanted.


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