70 CE- Titus attacked the walls of the second Holy Temple with battering rams.


July 26, 1267- Pope Clement IV established the abhorrent Inquisition in Rome.


1274- Pope Gregory X banned blood-ritual charges against the Jews.


1806 - Last execution of the Inquisition in Peru.


July 26, 1941 - The Nazi SS killed 250 Jews from Horodec, Poland. On that same day, a transport with 988 Jews left Vienna for the Theresienstadt murder camp in Czechoslovakia. Also on the same day, the Nazis murdered 1,700 Jews in Drohiczyn, Ukraine.


July 16, 1942- French police rounded up over 30,000 Jews, including 4,500 children, for deportation to Auschwitz.  Only 30 adults survived.


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