470- Rav Huna bar Mar Zutra, the head of Babylonian Jewry (called the Exilarch ["Reish Galuta"], and Rav Mesharshya bar Pekod were arrested by the Persian authorities and killed al kiddush Hashem in Pumpedita. Rav Ameimar bar Mar Yenuka, was also arrested with them, he was killed two months later. These events led to the demise of the Rabbanan Svora'i (who succeded the Amora'im in leading Babylonian Jewry), and eventually to the decline of Torah in Bavel.


December 23, 1420- Because the practice had become rampant, Pope Martin V ordered an end to converting Jewish children (under 12) to Christianity, without their parents' permission.


December 28, 1912- The first meeting of the National Council of Young Israel convened.


January 10, 1947- Two ships loaded with Jewish Holocaust survivors were stopped by the British; their passengers were taken to Cyprus. Only two years later - to the day - did the British announce their intention to release the Cyprus internees.


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