1348- The Black Plague massacres began in Barcelona and Cervera, Spain.


1510- Jewish Books in Germany were saved from destruction.


May 27, 1679- The Pope suspends the Portuguese Inquisition due to its severe treatment of Marranos.


June 6, 1716- The ship Restoration arrived in Massachusetts from London, with several Jewish merchants aboard, thus creating the core of the first substantial Jewish settlement in New England. A century earlier, the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay were determined to exclude alien elements from their community, and they hanged four Quakers to prove it. New Amsterdam governor Peter Stuyvesant cleansed his colony of Lutherans and Quakers, and tried to do the same to Jews. Such episodes were largely confined, however, to the 17th century, and by the time of the Revolutionary War, many Jews had settled in Massachusetts. It would not be until 1840, however, that the first synagogue was established in Boston.


June 6, 1940-  French Marshal Petain surrenders to the Germans and leaves England to fight Germany alone.


June 11, 1941- Vichy-French planes bombed Tel Aviv, killing 21 Jews.


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