c 1877- Sodom overturned. The wicked cities of the Sodom valley, including Sodom, Gemorrah, Admah and Zevoim, were overtuned in punishment of their sins. Only Lot, his wife and two daughters were saved. Lot's wife, however, was turned into a pillar of salt when she failed to heed the Divine warning not to look back at the burning cities.


c 1436 BCE- The manna from heaven ends.  Six days after Israel enters the Holy Land under the leadership of Joshua, their remaining supply of the miraculous "bread from heaven," which had sustained them since shortly after their exodus from Egypt 40 years earlier, ran out. After bringing the "Omer" offering at the Sanctuary they erected at Gilgal, the people prepared their (unleavened) bread for the first time from the produce of the land.


c 1436 BCE- Israel crosses Jordan river into the Land of Israel.
The Omer was offered in the Tabernacle for the first time by Israel in the Land.


c 1020 BCE- The two sons and five grandsons of King Saul were executed and hung to avenge the Gibeonites.


c 725 BCE- King Hezekiah completed the re-dedication of the Holy Temple.


c 521 BCE- Esther appeared before King Achashveirosh. On the 3rd day of the fast proclaimed by Mordechai at her request, Queen Esther appeared unsummoned before King Achashveirosh--a capital offense. The king, however, extended the royal sceptre to her, signifying his consent that she approach him. Esther requested that the king attend a private wine party with her and Haman.


1173- The alleged murder of William of Norwich, leads to the first blood libel in the Middle Ages.


1550- The Jews were expelled from Genoa, Italy.


1848- Anti-Jewish violence broke out in Budapest, Hungary.


1920- Scores of Jews were killed or wounded by their Arab "neighbors" during anti-Semitic riots in Jerusalem.


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