570 BCE- Ezekiel's lamentation on Egypt (chapter 32).


356 BCE- Shushan Purim. The Purim victory celebrated in Shushan.

The battles fought between the Jews and their enemies, which took place on Adar 13 throughout the Persian empire, continued for two days -- Adar 13 and 14 -- in the capital city of Shushan, where there were a greater number of Jew haters. Thus the victory celebrations in Shushan were held on the 15th of Adar, and the observance of the festival of Purim was instituted for that day in Shushan and all walled cities.


1147- In Wurzburg, Germany, the Jews were accused of killing a Christian and dumping him in the river, and 22 Jews were murdered, including their Rav, Yitzchak ben Elyakim.


March 23, 1712- Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kaidonover (1646-1712), author of the ethical work, Kav HaYashar ("The Just Measure"). As a boy, during the war between Sweden and Poland, he fled with his family to a village near Lublin. Two years later they were attacked by Cossacks, and his two sisters were killed. Kav HaYashar posits that it
is incumbent upon any person who has been saved from a crisis to either correct something in his life or initiate a good deed, so that people will be aware that he is expressing his gratitude to Hashem. This idea, he says, applies to
everyone, for who can say he has never been saved from a tragedy?


1848- In Berlin, Germany, riots and street fighting kill twenty Jews. Anti-Jewish riots also spread to Bavaria, Baden, Hamburg and many other cities.


1870- Jews of Sweden were emancipated.


1919- 1500 Jews killed in the Proskorov pogroms in Ukraine, the largest among hundreds of "Petliura" pogroms perpetrated against Ukrainian and Russian Jews during 1919-1920 which ended in the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews.


March 19, 2003- Second U.S. led war against Iraq began.


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