c 1877 BCE- "Shlishi lemila" (the third day after circumcision) of Avraham when the LORD and two angels visited him. (Genesis 18)

According to Pirkei d'Rabi Eliezer, in the beginning of Parshat Vayera, HaShem took the sun out of its sheath, causing it to shine very intensely so that Avraham, who was recovering from his circumcision, would not trouble himself with guests.

However, when HaShem Himself came to be mevaker choleh [visit the sick] and saw how desperate Avraham was for guests, He brought with Him two angels in the form of humans. The LORD healed Avraham and brought Sarah the good tidings that she would give birth to Yitzchak within the year.


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ויצא (Vayetze)



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