c 572 BCE- The prophet Ezekiel was instructed by the LORD to lie on his left side for 390 days to bear the sins of the house of Israel.  From the 12th of Tammuz the following year, he lay on his right side for an additional 40 days; altogether he remained lying down for 430 days. On the 28th of Av 3334/427 BCE, he arose, and on the 5th of Elul he received his next prophecy. That was about five years before the destruction of the Temple (see Ezekiel 4:5, and chapters 8-10).


June 24, 1298- Twenty-five Jews from 10 families were murdered in Iphofen, Germany, during the Rindfleisch Persecutions.

June 24, 1298- The Jews of Weiner-Neustadt, Austria, were massacred.


July 7, 1941- The Nazis murdered 5,000 Jews in the fortress of Kovna.

The Ukrainians murdered 1,200 Jews in a forest near the town of Otynia, in Stanislavov, Poland.

The SS murdered 2,000 Jews in Rodzislav, in Bialystok, Poland (over the course of three days).

The Waffen SS in Zborov, Galicia killed 600 Jews.

The SS found 50 Jews through a registry (of Jews) in Novogrodek, Grodno, Poland, assembled them right outside of town and murdered them.


July 19,1948- 150 Jews were killed in Kahir, Iran, during the riots of 1948 . This resulted in practically all the Jews of the Arab countries being driven out.


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