1290- The persecution of medieval Jewry in England dates from the 12th century and the Crusades.  This persecution led to the expulsion of the Jewish community.


1291- Muslims captured Acco ending the Christian Crusader Kingdom and their domination of the Land of Israel. (Some have this date as 17 Sivan).


1558- Germany’s Kaiser restricted certain rights that had previously been given to the Jews by the government.


May 20, 1671- Frederick William of Prussia permitted 50 Jewish families who had been expelled from Vienna to settle in his dominion.


May 20, 1671- An edict was issued admitting Jews into Berlin.


June 2, 1879- The U.S. House of Representatives requested the president to amend all international treaties which impair the rights of American citizens because of religion in order to secure equal rights. This was a result of Russian mistreatment of Jewish American businessman.


June 13, 1924- The Israeli town of Bnei Brak ("Sons of Lightning") was founded just east of Tel Aviv. Bnei Brak is known as a center of Talmudic scholarship, and was home to the famed 20th century sages, the Chazon Ish and Rabbi Elazar M. Shach of the Ponevitch Yeshiva. Bnei Brak is mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 19:45.


May 24, 1991- Operation Solomon, an airlift of Jews from Ethiopia, began. 14,420 Ethiopian Jews are rescued and airlifted to Israel hours before the Mengistu regimes collapse. The operation set a world record for single-flight passenger load on May 24, 1991 when an El Al 747 carried 1,122 passengers to Israel. The Jews of Ethiopia observed Shavuot on the 12th of Sivan, 50 days after Pesach. When they came to Israel, they readjusted their calendar.


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