Rosh Hashana- the Head of the Year

The sixth day of Creation- G-d created animals that walk and crawl on the earth.  He also created Adam, the first human, and Chavah, the first woman. "G-d formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." (Genesis 2:7)

That day they were banished from Garden of Eden.


On this day, G-d answered the prayers for children of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah and Hannah.


c 2267 BCE- Noah dispatched a dove from the Ark for the third time. When the dove did not return, Noah knew that the waters had completely drained from the earth. (Genesis 8:12-14) On that day Noah removed the roof of the Ark but he and his family remained in it for another 57 days until the 27th of Cheshvan.


c 1977 BCE- Birth (c 1977 BCE) and death (c 1839 BCE) of Sarah. (Genesis 23:1-2)


c 1877 BCE- G-d blesses Sarah with a child.  (Genesis 18:10)


c 1839 BCE- Isaac was bound on the altar during the Akeidah. (see Genesis 22) The fright of this event prompted the death of his mother, Sarah.


c 1765 BCE- Jacob received the blessings from Isaac (according to the Zohar but according to Pirkei D'Rabi Eliezer it occurred on Passover). (Genesis 27)


c 1726 BCE- Rachel's prayers were answered; she later gave birth to Joseph.  (Genesis 30:22)


c 1695 BCE- Joseph was freed from prison in Egypt.  (Genesis 41:14)


c 1477 BCE- The harsh slavery of the Jews in Egypt ended.


c 1060 BCE- The prayer of Hannah was answered; she gave birth to Samuel the prophet the following year.  (1 Samuel 1:19)


c 881 BCE- Elisha promised his hostess, the Shunammite woman, that she would bear a child.  (2 Kings 4:12-17)


1553- Cardinal Caraffa (later to be Pope Paul IV), backed by Pope Julius III, burned the Talmud and other Jewish holy books in Rome.


1644- Jews of Mogilev, Russia, were attacked during Tashlikh.


September 11, 1923- Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin instituted the "Daf Yomi," the daily regimen of Talmud study (in which the participant studies one folio a day to complete the entire Talmud in seven years).


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