1725 BCE- Joseph, son of Jacob, was born.

1615 BCE- Joseph died.


June 26, 1096- Troops of the first Crusade attacked the Jewish quarter in the German town of Eller and affected a twoday massacre of Jews.  Three Jews of 300 survived.


1391- Many Jews were killed by a riotus mob in Seville, Spain. The riots spread throughout Spain.


June 26, 1941- The Germans occupied Dunaburg, Latvia, where 22,500 Jews lived. The men were imprisoned and the women and children were expelled. Many Jews were brutalized and some were shot.


June 26, 1941- Lithuanians massacre 2,300 Jews.


Torah Portion

מטות (Matot)-מסעי (Masei)



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Today is

Yom Sheni, 21 Tammuz, 5780

Monday, July 13, 2020


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