A Fitbit For Your Spiritual Health

05 October 2014

FITBIT FLEXMy only daughter (and youngest child) recently went off to college. Before she left, her mother and I gave her a mountain of advice and a metric ton of encouragement before she took that giant next step in her life.  Being the kind soul that she is, she also gave me a bit of advice in return: "Dad, you should get a Fitbit. It can help you monitor your health."

So… I bought a Fitbit Flex. It’s a little band you strap on your wrist that, paired with an app on your phone, provides a simple reminder that I needed to watch what I eat, get outside and do some walking, and get enough rest.


After wearing it for a few days, it reminded me of another gizmo I bought several years ago called tefillin. 
You might think of tefillin as a Fitbit for your spiritual health.

They are amazingly similar to each other.

TEFILLINThe Fitbit you strap on your wrist.
The tefillin you strap on your whole arm.

The Fitbit should be worn daily.
Tefillin should be worn daily, too.

The Fitbit reminds me to watch what I eat (calories).
Tefillin reminds me to watch what I eat (kosher).

The Fitbit reminds me to get out and walk.
The tefillin reminds me to walk uprightly before the LORD.

The Fitbit reminds me to get enough rest.
The tefillin reminds me to rest on the Sabbath day.


While one helps me keep track of my physical health, the other helps me keep track of my spiritual health.

If you are into fitness, I can definitely recommend both!



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