To Kippah or Not to Kippah?

17 April 2010

In the ongoing debate and discussion regarding whether or not Messianic believers should wear a kippah, this particular bit of information was enlightening for me so I thought I would share...

As to the obligation of wearing a kippah, halakhic experts agree that it is a minhag (custom). The prevailing view among Rabbinical authorities is that this custom has taken on a kind of force of law (Shulkhan Arukh, Orach Chayim 2:6), because it is an act of Kiddush Hashem. From a strictly Talmudic point of view, however, the only moment when a Jewish man is required to cover his head is during prayer (Mishneh Torah, Ahavah, Hilkhot Tefilah 5:5).

It is interesting on a number of levels but here are two that jumped out at me:

1) wearing kippah is a minhag (a custom).  There is no mention in Scripture of Yeshua ever wearing a kippah (of which I am aware).  It does not appear that it was His custom so we have no example in Him to follow by wearing kippah.

2) wearing kippah is only a requirement (from a Talmudic perspective) during prayer which happens to be when I wear kippah during the week... during afternoon prayers.

No definitive answers... just a bit of information.  :)

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