Harmony: a systematic arrangement of parallel literary passages (as of the Gospels) for the purpose of showing agreement or harmony [from Merriam-Webster Online].

A "harmony" attempts to take parallel passages from Scripture to show the harmony and the agreement of those passages. Another important goal is to show how different accounts vary in their degree of information and detail. The Gospel harmonization below focuses on the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It is primarily based upon A.T. Robertson's gospel harmony from the early 1900's.

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Luke explains his method of research
      Luke 1:1-4  
Yochanan pictures Messiah as the Word (Logos) of G-d
        John 1:1-18
Genealogies (Yosef's?) in Matthew and (Miryam's?) in Luke
  Matthew 1:1-17   Luke 3:23-38  
The announcement of Yochanan's birth to Zecharias
      Luke 1:5-25  
The announcement of Yeshua's birth to Miryam
      Luke 1:26-38  
Elisheva's song to Miryam
      Luke 1:38-45  
Miryam glorifies G-d
      Luke 1:46-56  
The birth and early life of Yochanan the Immerser
      Luke 1:57-80  
The birth of Yeshua announced to Yosef
  Matthew 1:18-25      
The birth of Yeshua
      Luke 2:1-7  
The angels praise and shepherds glorify G-d
      Luke 2:8-20  
Yeshua circumcised on the 8th day
      Luke 2:21  
Yeshua's family goes to the Temple to present an olah for his birth
      Luke 2:22-38  
Magi visit Yeshua and his mother
  Matthew 2:1-12      
Yosef warned to take Yeshua to Mitzraim [Egypt]
  Matthew 2:13-18      
Yeshua brought to Natzaret [Nazareth]
  Matthew 2:19-23   Luke 2:39  
Yeshua's childhood in Natzaret
      Luke 2:40  
Yeshua's visit to the Temple at Pesach when He was twelve years old
      Luke 2:41-50  
Yeshua's submission to his parents until He was thirty years old
      Luke 2:51-52  
The beginning of Yochanan's ministry
    Mark 1:1 Luke 3:1-2  
Yochanan's message of repentance to prepare the way for Messiah
  Matthew 3:1-6 Mark 1:2-6 Luke 3:3-6  
Yochanan warns the people
  Matthew 3:7-10   Luke 3:7-14  
Yochanan's denial that he is the Messiah
  Matthew 3:11-12 Mark 1:7-8 Luke 3:15-18  
Yeshua immersed [tevilah/baptized] by Yochanan
  Matthew 3:13-17 Mark 1:9-11 Luke 3:21-23  
Yeshua fasts and is tempted 3 times
  Matthew 4:1-11 Mark 1:12-13 Luke 4:1-13  
Yochanan speaks of Messiah
        John 1:19-28
Yochanan identifies Yeshua as Messiah
        John 1:29-34
Yeshua takes talmidim
        John 1:35-51
Yeshua's first miracle
        John 2:1-11
Yeshua travels to Capernaum with his brothers and talmidim
        John 2:12
Yeshua first cleanses the Temple at Pesach
        John 2:13-22
Yeshua speaks with Nicodemus
        John 2:23-3:21
Yochanan speaks of Messiah's superiority
        John 3:22-36
Yochanan is imprisoned and Yeshua leaves Judea
        John 4:1-4
      Luke 3:19-20  
  Matthew 4:12 Mark 1:14 Luke 4:14  
Yeshua travels to Samaria- speaks to the woman at the well
        John 4:5-42
Yeshua travels to the Galil
        John 4:43-45
Yeshua teaches the gospel of G-d in the Galil
  Matthew 4:17 Mark 1:14-15 Luke 4:14-15  
Yeshua heals a nobleman's son in Cana
        John 4:46-54
Yeshua reads in the synagogue and is rejected
      Luke 4:16-31  
Yeshua settles in Capernaum
  Matthew 4:13-16      
Yeshua calls Shimon, Andreas, Ya'akov, and Yochanan as talmidim
  Matthew 4:13-16      
Yeshua teaches in the Capernaum synagogue and casts out a demon
    Mark 1:21-28 Luke 4:31-37  
Yeshua heals Shimon's mother-in-law and others
  Matthew 8:14-17 Mark 1:29-34 Luke 4:38-41  
Yeshua travels through the Galil with the talmidim
  Matthew 4:23-25 Mark 1:35-39 Luke 4:42-44  
Yeshua heals a leper
  Matthew 8:2-4 Mark 1:40-45 Luke 5:12-16  
Yeshua heals a paralytic who is lowered through Shimon's roof
  Matthew 9:1-8 Mark 2:1-12 Luke 5:17-26  
Yeshua calls Mattityahu Levi ben Alphaeus as a talmid
  Matthew 9:9-13 Mark 2:13-17 Luke 5:27-32  
Yeshua gives three parables about why his talmidim feast instead of fasting
  Matthew 9:14-17 Mark 2:18-22 Luke 5:33-39  
Yeshua heals a lame man on Shabbat
        John 5:1-47
The P'rushim challenge Yeshua about his talmidim plucking ears of grain on Shabbat
  Matthew 12:1-8 Mark 2:23-28 Luke 6:1-5  
Yeshua heals a man's withered hand on Shabbat
  Matthew 12:9-14 Mark 3:1-6 Luke 6:6-11  
Yeshua teaches and heals at the Sea of the Galil
  Matthew 12:15-21 Mark 3:7-12    
Sermon on the Mount (beginning)
  Matthew 5:1-2   Luke 6:17-19  
Sermon on the Mount (teaching)
  Matthew 5:3-12   Luke 6:20-16  
Yeshua's admonition not to think He came to abolish Torah
  Matthew 5:13-20      
Yeshua's teaching: you have heard it said
  Matthew 5:21-48   Luke 6:27-30, 32-36  
Yeshua's teaching: do not practice righteousness before men
  Matthew 6:1-18      
Yeshua's teaching: do not lay up treasures on earth
  Matthew 6:19-34      
Yeshua's teaching: do not judge lest you be judged
  Matthew 7:1-6   Luke 6:37-42  
Yeshua's teaching: ask and it shall be given
  Matthew 7:7-11      
Yeshua's teaching: treat others the way you want to be treated
  Matthew 7:12   Luke 6:31  
Yeshua's teaching: know them by their fruit
  Matthew 7:13-8:1   Luke 6:43-49  
Yeshua heals a centurion's servant
  Matthew 8:5-13   Luke 7:1-10  
Yeshua resurrects a widow's son
      Luke 7:11-17  
Yochanan sends a message to Yeshua and his response
  Matthew 11:2-19   Luke 7:18-35  
Yochanan pronounces woes upon Chorazin and Bethsaida
  Matthew 11:20-30      
Yeshua's feet anointed by a sinner
      Luke 7:36-50  
Yeshua's visits the Galil again
      Luke 8:1-3  
Yeshua is accused of casting out demons with the power of Beelzebul
  Matthew 12:22-37   Mark 3:19-30  
Scribes and P'rushim ask for a sign from him
  Matthew 12:38-45      
Messiah's mother and brothers seek to speak with him
  Matthew 12:46-50 Mark 3:31-35 Luke 8:19-21  
Yeshua teaches in parables
  Matthew 13:1-2 Mark 4:1-2 Luke 8:4  
The parable of the sower
  Matthew 13:3-23 Mark 4:3-25 Luke 8:5-18  
The parable of the harvest time
    Mark 4:26-29    
The parable of the wheat and the tares
  Matthew 13:24-30      
The parable of the mustard seed
  Matthew 13:31-32 Mark 4:30-32    
The parable of leaven
  Matthew 13:33      
Yeshua concludes his parables to the crowds
  Matthew 13:34-35 Mark 4:33-34    
Yeshua explains the parable of the tares to the talmidim and gives further parables
  Matthew 13:36-43      
The parable of the treasure hidden in the field
  Matthew 13:44      
The parable of the pearl of great price
  Matthew 13:45-46      
The parable of the dragnet
  Matthew 13:47-50      
Yeshua concludes his parables to the talmidim
  Matthew 13:51-53      
Yeshua calms the sea
  Matthew 8:18, 23-27 Mark 4:35-41 Luke 8:22-25  
Yeshua heals a man with an unclean spirit
  Matthew 8:28-34 Mark 5:1-20 Luke 8:26-39  
Yeshua heals Jairus' daughter and a woman with an issue of blood
  Matthew 9:18-26 Mark 5:21-43 Luke 8:40-56  
Yeshua visits Natzaret
  Matthew 13:54-58 Mark 6:1-6    
Yeshua visits the Galil for the third time and sends out the talmidim
  Matthew 9:35-11:1 Mark 6:6-13 Luke 9:1-6  
Herod fears Yeshua is Yochanan risen from the dead
  Matthew 14:1-12 Mark 6:14-29 Luke 9:7-9  
Yeshua withdraws after the death of Yochanan then feeds 5,000
  Matthew 14:13-21 Mark 6:30-44 Luke 9:10-17 John 6:1-13
Yeshua departs and prevents the crowd from making him King by force
  Matthew 14:22-23 Mark 6:45-46   John 6:14-15
The talmidim row in the storm and Yeshua walks on water
  Matthew 14:24-33 Mark 6:47-52   John 6:16-21
Yeshua teaches that He is the bread of heaven
        John 6:22-71
The P'rushim challenge Yeshua about ritual hand washing
  Matthew 15:1-20 Mark 7:1-23   John 7:1
Yeshua heals the Syrophoenecian woman's daughter
  Matthew 15:21-28 Mark 7:24-30    
Yeshua heals the deaf and mute man and feeds 4,000
  Matthew 15:29-38 Mark 7:31-8:9    
Yeshua admonishes the talmidim with reminders about feeding the 4,000 and 5,000
  Matthew 16:5-12 Mark 8:13-26    
Yeshua asks the talmidim, "Who do you say I am?"
  Matthew 16:13-20 Mark 8:27-30 Luke 9:18-21  
Yeshua teaches the talmidim that He must suffer and die then be resurrected on the third day
  Matthew 16:21-26 Mark 8:31-37 Luke 9:22-25  
Yeshua will come in His kingdom within the lifetime of some of the talmidim
  Matthew 16:27-28 Mark 8:38-9:1 Luke 9:26-27  
Yeshua is transfigured on a mountain
  Matthew 17:1-8 Mark 9:2-8 Luke 9:28-36  
The talmidim ask about Eliyahu coming before the Messiah
  Matthew 17:9-13 Mark 9:9-13    
The talmidim are unable to heal a boy who is demon possessed
  Matthew 17:14-20 Mark 9:14-29 Luke 9:37-43  
Yeshua again foretells his death and resurrection
  Matthew 17:22-23 Mark 9:30-32 Luke 9:43-45  
Yeshua offers the half-shekel temple tax [as per Torah, Exodus 30:13]
  Matthew 17:24-27      
Yeshua teaches who will be greatest in the kingdom
  Matthew 18:1-5 Mark 9:33-37 Luke 9:46-48  
Yeshua teaches about the priority of G-d's kingdom
  Matthew 18:6-14 Mark 9:38-50 Luke 9:49-50  
Yeshua teaches a man to forgive his brother
  Matthew 18:15-22      
The parable of the unmerciful servant
  Matthew 18:23-35      
Yeshua teaches "allow the dead to bury their own"
  Matthew 8:19-22   Luke 9:57-62  
Yeshua's brothers suggest He make himself known publicly during Sukkot
        John 7:2-9
Yeshua travels secretly to Yerushalayim for Sukkot
      Luke 9:51-56 John 7:10
Yeshua teaches in Yerushalayim during Sukkot
        John 7:11-52
A woman is brought before Yeshua charged with adultery
        John 7:53-8:11
Yeshua teaches He is the light of the world
        John 8:12-20
Yeshua declares "I Am"
        John 8:21-59
Yeshua heals a blind man who is questioned by the P'rushim
        John 9:1-41
Yeshua teaches that He is the Good Shepherd
        John 10:1-21
Yeshua sends seventy talmidim out
      Luke 10:1-16  
Yeshua's seventy talmidim return with joy
      Luke 10:17-24  
Yeshua is asked about inheriting eternal life
      Luke 10:25-37  
Yeshua is a guest in Martha's and Mary's home
      Luke 10:38-42  
Yeshua teaches his talmidim how to pray
      Luke 11:1-4  
Yeshua relates the parable of the troublesome friend
      Luke 11:5-13  
Yeshua is accused by the multitudes of using the power of Beelzebul
      Luke 11:14-36  
Yeshua eats a meal with a Pharisee and some lawyers and chastises them
      Luke 11:37-54  
Yeshua teaches against hypocrisy
      Luke 12:1-12  
Yeshua teaches against greed and gives the parable of the rich fool
      Luke 12:13-21  
Yeshua teaches to trust in G-d for all provision
      Luke 12:22-34  
Yeshua teaches to be ready for the return of the master
      Luke 12:35-59  
Yeshua teaches about martyred Galileans and those who perished when a tower fell
      Luke 13:1-9  
Yeshua heals a sick, crippled woman on the Sabbath
      Luke 13:10-21  
Yeshua attends the Feast of Dedication (Chanukah) in Yerushalayim
        John 10:22-39
Yeshua leaves Yerushalayim and goes beyond the Yarden
        John 10:40-42
Yeshua teaches about entering through the narrow door
      Luke 13:22-35  
Yeshua heals a man suffering from dropsy on the Sabbath
      Luke 14:1-6  
Yeshua teaches three parables about honor, reward, and invitation
      Luke 14:7-24  
Yeshua teaches about the cost of being his talmid
      Luke 14:25-35  
Yeshua teaches about lost sheep, lost coins, and prodigal sons
      Luke 15:1-32  
Yeshua teaches his talmidim the parable of the unjust steward
      Luke 16:1-13  
Yeshua teaches the P'rushim the parable of the rich man and Lazarus
      Luke 16:14-31  
Yeshua teaches his talmidim the parable of the slave's proper place
      Luke 17:1-10  
Yeshua raises Lazarus from the dead
        John 11:1-44
Various effects of Lazarus being raised from the dead
        John 11:45-54
Yeshua journeys to Yerushalayim through Samaria and the Galil
      Luke 17:11-37  
Yeshua gives two parables regarding prayer
      Luke 18:1-14  
Yeshua leaves the Galil and teaches on divorce
  Matthew 19:1-12 Mark 10:1-12    
Yeshua teaches about eternal life and the peril of riches
  Matthew 19:16-30 Mark 10:17-31 Luke 18:18-30  
Yeshua teaches about his pending death and rebukes James and John
  Matthew 20:17-28 Mark 10:32-45 Luke 18:31-34  
Yeshua heals blind Bartimaeus and his companion
  Matthew 20:29-34 Mark 10:46-52 Luke 18:35-43  
Yeshua visits Zacchaeus, teaches a parable, then heads for Yerushalayim
      Luke 19:1-28  
Pesach approaches
        John 11:55-12:1,9-11
Yeshua arrives at Bethphage and Bethany
  Matthew 21:1-11,14-17 Mark 11:1-11 Luke 19:29-44 John 12:12-19
Yeshua is sought by some Greeks; teaches He will be "lifted up"
        John 12:20-50
Fruitless fig tree is withered
  Matthew 21:18-22 Mark 11:19-25 Luke 21:37-38  
Chief priests, scribes, and elders ask Yeshua about the source of His authority
  Matthew 21:23-22:14 Mark 11:27-12:12 Luke 20:1-19  
Yeshua is asked about paying tribute to Caesar
  Matthew 22:15-22 Mark 12:13-17 Luke 20:20-26  
Yeshua is asked by the Sadducees about the resurrection
  Matthew 22:23-33 Mark 12:18-27 Luke 20:27-40  
Yeshua is asked about the greatest commandment in the Torah
  Matthew 22:34-40 Mark 12:28-34    
Yeshua commands the talmidim to obey the Pharisees but to avoid their sin
  Matthew 23:1-39 Mark 12:38-40 Luke 20:45-47  
Yeshua observes the value of the widows contribution in the Temple
    Mark 12:41-44 Luke 21:1-4  
Yeshua speaks of the destruction of the Temple and His return
  Matthew 24:1-25:46 Mark 13:1-37 Luke 21:5-36  
Yeshua speaks of His coming crucifixion
  Matthew 26:1-5 Mark 14:1-2 Luke 22:1-2  
Yeshua is anointed by Mary of Bethany in the house of Simon the leper
  Matthew 26:6-13 Mark 14:3-9   John 12:2-8
Yehudah (Judas) enters into an agreement with the chief priests to betray Yeshua
  Matthew 26:14-16 Mark 14:10-11 Luke 22:3-6  
The talmidim prepare Yeshua's last Pesach meal (the "last supper")
  Matthew 26:17-19 Mark 14:12-16 Luke 22:7-13  
Yeshua eats the Pesach meal with the talmidim and rebukes their jealousy
  Matthew 26:20 Mark 14:17 Luke 22:14-16,24-30  
Yeshua washes the feet of the talmidim
        John 13:1-20
Yeshua declares He will be betrayed and identifies Yehudah (Judas)
  Matthew 26:21-25 Mark 14:18-21 Luke 22:21-23 John 13:21-30
Yeshua warns the talmidim they will be scattered and tells Kefa (Peter) about his pending denial
  Matthew 26:31-35 Mark 14:27-31 Luke 22:31-38 John 13:31-38
Yeshua tells the talmidim to eat the Pesach annually in remembrance of Him
  Matthew 26:26-29 Mark 14:22-25 Luke 22:17-20 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Yeshua's closing teachings at the Pesach meal
        John 14:1-31
Yeshua teaches the talmidim on the way to the garden
        John 15:1-16:33
Yeshua prays to G-d for his talmidim
        John 17:1-26
Yeshua goes to Gethsemane and prays in agony
  Matthew 26:30,36-39 Mark 14:26,32-42 Luke 22:39-46 John 18:1
Yeshua admonishes the disciples to stay awake and pray
  Matthew 26:40-46      
Yeshua is betrayed, arrested, and abandoned
  Matthew 26:47-56 Mark 14:43-52 Luke 22:47-53 John 18:2-12
Yeshua is interrogated by Annas
        John 18:12-14, 19-23
Yeshua is taken before Caiaphas, condemned, and beaten in a mockery of a trial
  Matthew 26:57-68 Mark 14:53-65 Luke 22:54, 63-65 John 18:24
Kefa denies Yeshua three times
  Matthew 26:58, 69-75 Mark 14:54, 66-72 Luke 22:55-62 John 18:15-18, 25-27
After sunrise on Passover morning, Yeshua is condemned for declaring himself be the Son of G-d
  Matthew 27:1 Mark 15:1 Luke 22:66-71  
Yehudah (Judas) feels remorse at his betrayal and kills himself
  Matthew 27:3-10     Acts 1:18-19
Yeshua is taken before Pilate the first time
  Matthew 27:2,11-14 Mark 15:1-5 Luke 23:1-5 John 18:28-38
Yeshua is taken before Herod
      Luke 23:6-12  
Yeshua is taken before Pilate the second time
  Matthew 27:15-26 Mark 15:6-15 Luke 23:13-25 John 18:39-19:16
Roman soldiers mock Yeshua
  Matthew 27:27-30 Mark 15:16-19    
Yeshua is taken to the cross and Simon the Cyrene takes up his cross
  Matthew 27:31-34 Mark 15:20-23 Luke 23:26-33 John 19:16-17
Yeshua on the cross from the third hour until mid-day
  Matthew 27:35-44 Mark 15:24-32 Luke 23:33-43 John 19:18-27
Events at Yeshua's death
  Matthew 27:45-56 Mark 15:38-41 Luke 23:47-49  
Yeshua buried by Yosef of Arimathea on preparation day
  Matthew 27:57-61 Mark 15:42-46 Luke 23:50-54 John 19:31-42
Chief priests and Pharisees ask Pilate to secure the tomb
  Matthew 27:62-66  
The women visit the tomb after the weekly Sabbath
  Matthew 28:1 Mark 16:1    
The earthquake and the rolling away of the stone
  Matthew 28:2-4      
The women visit the empty tomb early on the first day of the week
  Matthew 28:5-8 Mark 16:2-8 Luke 24:1-8 John 20:1
The women report what they saw. Peter and Yochanan rush to the tomb.
      Luke 24:9-12 John 20:2-10
Yeshua appeared to Miryam of Magdala
    Mark 16:9-11   John 20:11-18
Yeshua appears to the women and gives them a message
  Matthew 28:9-10      
The guards report what happened to the chief priests
  Matthew 28:11-15      
Yeshua appears to Cleopas and another talmid on the road to Emmaus
    Mark 16:12-13 Luke 24:13-32  
Cleopas and the other talmid return to Yerushalayim and report what they saw
      Luke 24:33-35 1 Corinthians 15:5
Yeshua appears to the talmidim (minus Thomas)
    Mark 16:14 Luke 24:36-43 John 20:19-25
Yeshua appears to the talmidim and speaks of the Holy Spirit coming
      Luke 24:44-49 Acts 1:3-8
Yeshua appears to the talmidim 8 days later and convinces Thomas
      1 Corinthians 15:5 John 20:26-31
Yeshua appears to seven talmidim at the Sea of Tiberias and they catch many fish
        John 21:1-6
Yeshua questions Peter 3 times and restores him
        John 21:7-25
Yeshua appears to 500 believers on a mountain in the Galil
  Matthew 28:16-20 Mark 16:15-18   1 Corinthians 15:6
Yeshua appears James, his brother
        1 Corinthians 15:7
Yeshua leads the talmidim to Beit-Anyah [Bethany] and ascends into heaven
    Mark 16:19-20 Luke 24:50-53 Acts 1:9-12

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