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glos·sa·ry: a collection of brief explanations (as in the margin or between the lines of a text) of difficult or obscure words or expressions. has provided this glossary of Hebrew and Greek words to aid our readers in the understanding of specialized words used in our articles.



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Adonai- the emphatic form of a Hebrew word that means "lord" or "master".  Used as a proper name of G-d only.  Strongs #136.  Pronounced ah dohn EYE.



Aharon- The literal Hebrew name of Aaron. The name means "mountain" or "shining".  Strongs #175.  Pronounced ah ha ROHN.




Avraham- The literal Hebrew name of Abraham.  This Hebrew name means "father of many" and is the name G-d gave to Avram (Genesis 17:5).  Strongs #85.  Pronounced AHV rah hahm.




Avram- The literal Hebrew name of Abram, the son of Terah (Gen 11:26).  This Hebrew name literally means "great father".  Strongs #87.  Pronounced AHV rahm.


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