job 300The book of Job provides an account of the unimaginable suffering that G-d allows to befall a man named Job.  During his trials, Job is visited by his three friends and they discuss Job's circumstances.  In their conversations they reveal their thoughts about the source of wisdom. 

One thinks wisdom is learned.  Another thinks wisdom is inherited from the past.

What does Job think?  The chart below summarizes their positions.

Who His source of wisdom His attitude
Eliphaz Wisdom is learned by observing and experiencing life: remember, see, and investigate. (Job 4:7-8, 5:3, 5:27) "I have personally observed how G-d words and have figured out His ways."
Bildad Wisdom is inherited from the past.  Trustworthy knowledge is secondhand: inquire of the past.  (Job 8:8-9)  "Those who have gone before us have figured out G-d's ways: use their knowledge."
Zophar Wisdom belongs to the wise: seek the secrets.  (Job 11:5-6) "The wise know what G-d is like, but there aren't many of us around."
Job Wisdom comes from G-d and the first step towards wisdom is to fear G-d. (Job 28:20-28) "G-d reveals his wisdom to those who humbly seek him."

 Adapted from the Zondervan NIV Study Bible

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